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About Us

Carena Trek and Adventure is a trekking agency that promotes honesty and inner discovery through unforgettable experiences in the Himalayan mountains. CARENA translates to ‘ridge’ in Catalan. The ridge of a mountain is the dividing line between two slopes. When climbing a mountain or a hill, we wonder what is beyond the ridge? Once the journey to reach this ridge is accomplished, new horizons and new experiences unravel. Carena Treks and Adventures aims to fuse the experience of nature, culture, humans and spirituality whilst being surrounded by the magical atmosphere off the mountains.

Are you ready to discover this journey with us?

Our Team

What We Do

  • Besides the main trekking destinations, we offer singular trips, with a great cultural and human component to ensure your adventure in Nepal is a unique experience.
  • We specialize in organizing treks to the remote and less frequented areas of Nepal. We want to promote these less developed areas. Their beauty is unspoiled both in nature and the culture of these areas.
  • We organize trips in Tibet and Bhutan, where we have reliable partners.
  • We organize customized trips. We listen to the wishes and needs of our clients and give support during the creation process to ensure that what was once an idea, becomes reality.

Our Commitment


    SAFETY is our priority. All our mountain guides are qualified and educated to ensure the very the best decisions are made, based on the safety of the group. These guides are also trained to solve unexpected compromising situations. 


    HONESTY is our commitment, both with local people, workers and our guests.


    • Employing local guides and porters to support and help in the development of the region we visit.
    • Prioritizing guest houses, home-stays and preferring the use of local businesses over camping expeditions. Camping expeditions bring food from Kathmandu and the lodging in tents means that there is no development for local families.
    • Promoting treks in areas less developed.
    • Taking part in social projects.


    • NO PLASTIC, as far as it is possible which means NO plastic bottles. YES to water purifying and filtering.
    • Leaving no trace. This will mean we ensure all rubbish is removed and burned.



    Maximizing the CULTURAL and HUMAN side to our treks. We try to match our trips with local festivals, bringing a unique experience.


    We like to be flexible in our program. Planning is essential but the magic happens during the journey. In order to maximize the opportunities that unravel throughout the adventure, it may be necessary to change the plan. This will be based on group consensus


    We do love our job and we want to SHARE THIS PASSION WITH YOU.

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